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How could programmatic advertising be dangerous?
Programmatic ads use software to purchase digital advertising. While the traditional process involves calls for proposals, tenders, quotes, and human negotiation, programmatic purchasing utilizes computers and algorithms to obtain display space.
Nonetheless, the ad-buying procedure is not fully automated. Traditionally, you would have prepared insertion orders or added tags manually, which might be simple but time-consuming.
Programmatic media purchase enables the “owner/company” to deliver a relevant and novel message to the appropriate person, in the right context, at the right time, by leveraging viewer knowledge from the client (the consumers you want to target) about the type of audience they prefer.

This strategy will provide significantly more specificity and adaptability in content and media, resulting in more successfully personalized ads and less of digital advertising’s “spray and pray” technique, which is less focused and reliant on sheer volume (mostly impressions).

What about programmatic advertising and real-time buying (RTB)?
Programmatic RTB differs from PPC in that it focuses solely on advertising displays. It’s an automated method of purchasing media that is purchased and supplied in real time via various technology channels.
What is an advertising exchange?
An ad exchange is a platform where marketers and advertisers negotiate and agree on a price for displaying their advertisements. This works similarly to a stock market’s trading floor, except for advertisements on digital displays.

Many ad exchanges now use real-time auctions, in which ad transactions are conducted as a visitor loads a page.
How do ad networks differ from ad exchanges?
An ad network is a portal that connects to several websites and sells inventory on those pages to advertisers, whereas an ad exchange is a trading floor where advertisers can buy ad space from multiple ad networks.
Mobile advertising exchanges
Traditionally, ad exchanges were used to allow advertisers to auction off unsold inventories to the highest bidder after manually selling their premium inventory.
What is a supply-side platform (SSP)?
Publishers manage their display space using a supply-side platform, just as marketers utilize demand-side platforms for programmatic ad buying.
Supply-Side Platform
How can these kinds of advertisements be dangerous?
Big advertisers removed YouTube advertising due to concerns that the video platform could not guarantee that commercials would not appear on extreme content.

Ad fraud occurs when advertisements are not noticed or non-human traffic appears in them.

If advertisements are viewed by non-human traffic (i.e., bots), impressions and clicks are generated by phony traffic. These are scripts that pretend to be humans by exploring websites, viewing advertisements, impersonating mouse motions and clicks, and even generating (and thereby triggering conversions) false form submissions.

When advertisements are not viewed, they are not available to the user, yet impressions (and maybe clicks) are still generated. We use the term “visibility” to indicate whether the ad was seen.

Here are some examples that convey the sense of fraud:
When advertisements are stacked behind each other, only the top ad remains visible. The ads on the back have 0% viewability. This is known as “ad-stacking.”
If dishonest publishers pretend to be another publisher by creating a domain account that they do not own, This is called “domain spoofing.” Advertisers purchase inventory from publishers who are unaware of what is wrong.
Unlike domain spoofing, the RTB software can combine multiple publishers and website networks under a single site ID. Inside the package, advertisers acquire inventory on this site ID and are unaware that their ads will appear on a separate website. This is a ‘deliberately misleading’ inventory.
Difficult to set up:
It’s difficult to set up. Setting up a campaign on Facebook or Google Ads isn’t as complicated as it appears. It takes months of training to achieve the degree of technical competence required to set up a programmatic campaign. Furthermore, creating effective advertising requires years of experience.
Need expertise to create campaigns
If you have no prior experience, you will be, at best, ineffectual. Until you can log onto your site, you must have a very basic plan in place. You must understand who needs to be targeted, how much a click is worth, and what occurs when a user clicks to visit your site.

Always conduct your research before selecting any form of advertising instrument for your projects. Before investing your entire ad money, run a brief test campaign to determine outcomes and other difficulties.
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